Order from your mobile phone from every hotel

Easy, fast, safe and germ-free

Use xenio and save time from POS and menu disinfection and cleansing!


Xenio is an innovative service with which you can order from your mobile phone when being inside a cafe or restaurant inside the hotel of your stay. Download the xenio app and you will also be able to charge the order at your room, pay and even make a voice order!

Supercharge your vacations!

Just scan the QR code nearest to you and you can make your order on the spot. For even more convenience, you can also use your own voice to order! Moreover, you can also pay for your order if you are using the xenio app. When the order is ready to serve, you will be notified through the app so that you will know that it is time to enjoy your order.

Xenio is here!

For even more convenience, download the app, make your order either using the menu or with your voice and pay from your mobile (iOS και Android) – easy, fast and safe.




Scan the QR code nearest to you



Browse through the menu and make your order



Pay or charge to your room

Enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want!

Have you ever been in a place where the waiter is to busy to come over at your table and take your order? Xenio comes to the rescue, allowing you to order and pay for yourself.

Now you can make your order and pay for yourself!

Browse through the menu or make a voice order, make your order and pay with your preferred way; no need to wait for the waiter. You can even do that from the comfort of your room, having your order waiting for you at your table.

Start right over with xenio

It is so easy to start using xenio; using the xenio app, you can scan your nearest QR code and that’s it! You are now ready to order and enjoy.

See xenio in action!

Download the xenio app and scan this QR code to see xenio in action!

For the xenio app, use the following credentials!

Username: demo@servioapp.com
Password: 123456

Wanna blow some steam; Do you want to get out of your room and enjoy a cup of coffee but wait for an eternity? Do you want to sit outside and enjoy your favorite drink, as easily as possible? Xenio comes to the rescue. See what your hotel of stay has to offer, make your order and pay! What else could you possibly want? Xenio offers you instant satisfaction!


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